Season Charts

 Eastern Conference      Western Conference      Youngstown                   Lincoln         

Here you will find the links for the season spreadsheets maintained by Sam. This is where a lot of the stats used on the show come from. There are 2 Sheets that track the Eastern & Western Conference, and 2 Sheets that break down the Phantoms & Lincoln Stars by opponent. (This was done as a favor to the Thunderstruck guys). While these numbers are available on the USHL website, these spreadsheets makes it easier to view without selecting 30 different links to find them.

See the tips below on how to read the charts.

EASTERN/WESTERN SHEETS - STANDINGS TAB: Each team's name is a link to their roster page on the website.

TEAM TABS: Each tab features that team's entire season schedule. After a completed game, the opponents name becomes a link to that game's box score.

WIN/LOSS/OT/SO: In a team's tab, a win is indicated by that row being highlighted a light orange color. A game in which a team loses in overtime or a shootout, the point gained in that game will be highlighted a light green color, and the cell next to the points gained will indicate if that game went to overtime or a shootout with either an OT or SO. 

WHO SCORED FIRST?: In each team's tab, a game in which that team scored first, the Goals For number will be highlighted blue. If their opponent scored first, the Goals Against number will be highlighted blue.

SEASON TOTALS: At the bottom of each sheet will be the season totals. They list the overall totals, then is broken down into home, away, and neutral site games. 

YOUNGSTOWN/LINCOLN SHEETS: The Sheets for the Phantoms and the Stars have all the same features listed above, but the tabs instead show the record and stats by opponent.