Sam Olmstead


Born just a stone's throw from the Ohio River, Sam is a 2002 graduate of Beaver Local High School. He graduated from Youngstown College of Massotherapy in 2004 (which closed down a year later) and from the American Broadcasting School in 2012 (again, closed down shortly after). He attended his first Phantoms' game in March 2014. Two years later, he made the leap and became a season ticket holder, starting with the 2016-17 season. 

Sam has played guitar since he was 16. After 24 years, you'd think he would be better at it. He can also play 3 chords on a ukulele, and although he hasn't touched a trombone in 20 years, he is fairly confident that he could still play the Beaver Local Fight Song if he had access to one.

Sam resides in Salem, OH with his wife April, and three sons Brennan, Gavin, and Dashiell.

Justin Irwin


Justin is a 1994 graduate of LaBrae, and did a brief stint at a business school in Pittsburgh that he doesn't really remember the name of. Already a lifelong hockey fan, after seeing 2 Phantoms games at the end of the 10-11 seasons and a few more the next season, he went all in as a season ticket holder in 12-13. 

His hobbies, outside of supporting the Phantoms, include gaming, anime, and IT. The latter is also his profession, which unfortunately sucks the soul out of him. He's also an avid vodka drinker.

He now lives in Newton Township with his mom, who is also a huge Phantoms fan.

Dan Conley


Dan Conley is the newest member of the Podcast, joining in the late summer of 2023. While updating the website, I realized I needed to add this part to the host section. And it is too late at night to ask him for a bio, so this is merely a placeholder until I get that info from Dan. 

He is a big fan of yodeling Belgian nuns. That's all I know right now.